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sad story

A father punished his 5-year-old daughter for destroying gift wrapping papers
He became angry when he saw his daughter trying to decorate a box in her hands.
And in the morning, the girl brought that small box to her father, and she says, “This is your gift, Dad.” He stuttered, unable to speak. His reaction stopped, and with the insistence of the girl, he took the gift, and he became ashamed.
But he returned and became angry when he opened the box and discovered that the box was empty! Then he shouted, “Don’t you know that when you give someone a gift, there should be something in it?”
Then he just threw the box in the trash, the little girl said with tears in her eyes, Dad, it’s not empty. I put a lot of kisses inside the box, and they’re all for you, Dad. He broke the father’s heart when he heard that, so he thanked the girl a lot and came back and took the box.
And the father started pretending to take some kisses from the box and his daughter laughed and clapped while she was in the top of joy and every day he played with her and they had a good time.
The girl grew up, got married, and traveled away from her father, and her father began to miss her so much, and the more he longed for her or was upset about something, he took out the box of kisses he still kept, and took from her the tender scent of his daughter, so it would be like a balm on his heart.
The sweetest gifts you have is the presence of your loved ones around you, so enjoy their presence with you and treat them with the best manners, and do not spoil your days with quarrels or hatred, because there will come a day and they will leave you or leave them, then you will regret the days gone by and you will never return.

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