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mustard seed

There is a Chinese legend that says that a woman lived with her only son
In happiness and contentment until death came and snatched the soul of the son
The lady was very sad about the death of her son, but she did not despair, but went
To the village sage she asked him to tell her the necessary recipe
To bring her son back to life, no matter how difficult or how difficult that recipe is
Sheikh Al-Hakim took a deep breath and wandered, then said: You are asking me
Well, bring me one mustard seed, provided that it is from
A house that had never known sadness, and with all determination, the lady went round the houses of the entire village, looking for her target, a mustard seed from a house that had never known sadness.
Mrs. Baba knocked, and a young woman opened for her, and the lady asked her, “Has this house known sorrow before?” The woman smiled bitterly and replied: Did my house know this except all sadness?
And she started telling her that her husband died a year ago and left her four daughters and two sons
There is no source of sustenance for them other than selling the home’s furniture, of which there is little left
The lady was very touched and tried to relieve her sorrows, and at the end of the visit they became friends
She did not want to let her go until after I promised her another visit, because it was too late
Since she opened her heart, someone complains to him about her concerns.
And before sunset, the lady entered another house with the same request, but soon frustration
What happened to her when she learned from the lady of the house that her husband is very ill and has not had enough food for her children for a while, and soon it occurred to her to help this lady
So she went to the market and bought with all her money food, beans, flour and oil
I went back to the lady of the house and helped her cook a quick meal for the children and I participated
With her to feed her and then bid her farewell, hoping to visit her the next evening
And in the morning the lady roamed from house to house looking for a pill
Mustard and searched for a long time, but unfortunately did not find that house that did not know
Grief at all to take a mustard seed from his family
And because she was kind-hearted, she tried to help every home she entered
In his problems and joys, and as the days passed, the lady became a friend of every home
In the village, I completely forgot that she was originally looking for a mustard seed
From a house that did not know sadness, it melted in the problems and feelings of others and did not realize
The sage of the village had never even given her the best recipe for sadness.
And if you didn’t find the mustard seed you were looking for, the magic recipe might
I already took it the day I entered the first house in the village
(Joy with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep)
It is not just a social recipe for creating an atmosphere of intimacy and integration between people
Rather, it is an invitation for each one to come out of his own selfishness and his own world to try to rise up
Around him is some sharing that increases his joy in the time of joy, comforts him and relieves
About him in a time of sadness, besides, this post has a direct benefit to you, not
Because it will take you out of your selfishness, not because it will make you a likable person, but because it
It will make you a happier person than you are now